Poveștile sportive ale lui 2015

Best of-ul meu sportiv pe 2015, cel puțin din articolele pe care mi le amintesc. O tradiție începută anul trecut, de care trebuie să mă țin, mai ales că urmează un an olimpic pe care abia-l aștept. Top 3-ul a fost inclus și în lista poveștilor recomandate de DoR.

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40 days, 40 nights and 56 games (English version)

In the last evening of the European project I took part in this summer, we all gathered around in a circle in order to receive our Youthpass certificates. Each one of us took out a random one and was supposed to describe – using gestures or words – the person in question. First up, Pablo from Spain: he pulled out the paper, thought about it for a few seconds, then started jumping and clenching his fists in the air yelling “Ru-ma-ni-a! Ru-ma-ni-a!” Everybody turned towards me.


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